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Please tell us a little about YOUR favorite things!



First and Last Name David Gantz


Monogram DSG


Birthdate (M/D) September 25


What is your favorite:

Color blue


Candy Heath Bar crunch


Snack Fig newtons


Flower Rose


Sport/Team Tennis


Fast Food Thai Restaurants


Restaurant Pho Siagon Pearl


Scent/Fragrance Drakkar Noir


Beverage Florida Natural No Sugar Strawberry Lemonade


How do you take your coffee/tea and from where? N/A


Have any food allergies or dislikes? vegeterian


What are your hobbies/interests? Listening to music/swimming


Where are your favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, essentials and for pampering): Target/Walmart


Favorite music? Artists? Authors? One Voice Children’s Choir, myself, Corrinne May


“If I had a spare $10, I would buy…” a wrap at Natural Grocers


“If I had a spare $100, I would buy…” groceries at Whole Foods


“My idea of a perfect day includes…”  writing a new song, swimming,


For Teachers:


What do you find you always need more of in your classroom?  Microphones/sound equipment


Link to Amazon Wishlist for classroom: https://www.donorschoose.org/classroom/4074960


What’s your favorite thing to share with your students? My original, positive message songs, One Voice Children’s Choir

Name: David Gantz
Name: Leniese Gatto
Name: Jamie Hixon
Name: Lindsey Lombardi
Name: Elaine Young

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