First and Last Name Haley Bierk


Monogram HSB



Birthdate (M/D) 04/19


What is your favorite:

Color Purple


Candy Junior Mints & Sour Gummies


Snack Popcorn


Flower Peonies


Sport/Team Oregon Ducks


Fast Food Chic Fil A or Chipotle


Restaurant Buck and Rider


Scent/Fragrance Lavender


Beverage Arnold Palmer & any sparkling water


How do you take your coffee/tea and from where? Coffee-peppermint mocha, Tea-green tea lemonade


Have any food allergies or dislikes? None


What are your hobbies/interests? Reading, wine tasting, hanging with my kids:)


Where are your favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, essentials and for pampering): Target, Old Navy, Amazon


Favorite music? Artists? Authors? Taylor Swift!


“If I had a spare $10, I would buy…” Fidgits, playdough, crayons


“If I had a spare $100, I would buy…” Emotion books


“My idea of a perfect day includes…”  Brunch and activities with my kiddos


For Teachers:


What do you find you always need more of in your classroom?


Link to Amazon Wishlist for classroom: 



What’s your favorite thing to share with your students? Games to play with their families at home:)

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