Name Birthday Favorite Color Favorite Candy Favorite Snack Favorite Restaurant Favorite Fast Food Favorite Beverage and how do you take your tea/coffee and from where? Please list any allergies/dislikes Favorite Flower Favorite Sport/ Team Favorite Scent Favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, pampering) If I had a spare $10 I would buy.... If I had a spare $100 I would buy... My Idea of a perfect day includes... Classroom Wish List
Aaron Pettinato 10/7 Blue Dark chocolate cherries Garlic pretzels, beef jerky, trail mix El Encanto, Summit Diner, In & Out, Rubio’s Iced Oat milk brown sugar shaken espresso from Starbucks, ask Kathryn what tea I like from AJ’s- I have no idea I’m allergic to cats and negativity; I strongly dislike the Lakers and Patriots I have so many different favorite flowers but if I’m forced to choose, I’ll go with orchids. In no particular order- Steelers, Sun Devils, and Suns Gasoline H & M, Nordstrom’s Rack, Homage (website) Coffee, car wash, lottery ticket, flowers for my beautiful wife (Awwww) New pair of shoes, steak dinner, small tattoo on my lower back Family, laughter, sports, and movies- I’m a simple guy Quotes
Alisa Gould 9/3 Blue Chocolate and carmel Popcorn Pita Jungle, Tryst Panera
Ice Tea, Tea or Seltzer Water I like green tea if it is tea. Coffee can be hot or cold I love Caramel lattes or Pumpkin spice latte
  Any not really Hmmm.... light scents only Old Navy, Marshalls, Target, DSW     A day outdoors hiking, on the lake, in the pines. Slides wireless presenter
Colored Cardstock
Magnetic shelves
TPT Gift cards
Prizes for the prizebox
Large Sitckers
Fun Pens
Amy Burns 12/25 teal/blue & coral/pink gummy bears & milk chocolate (no nuts) meat cheese & crackers mexican & italian (pretty much anything.... I LOVE FOOD) Filiberto's grapefruit sparkling water, peach tea, flavored iced coffee nuts should be their own treat, not mixed with baked goods or candy fake ones AZ pro teams (cards are my fave of all though) fruit & citrus (i strongly dislike floral scents) sephora, bath n body, goodwill, amazon, nails n spa (lone mountain & cave creek rd) fun socks (low-no show) or citrus candles hats & shoes floating in a pool or laying on the beach dont have one yet...
Briana Rosser 5/8 Glitter! Pink, lavender, mint Chocolate! Gluten free chips/crackers, popcorn Cheesecake Factory/islands/flower child In n out/wildflower/nektar Diet Coke
Iced americano with coconut milk and sugar free vanilla (Starbucks)
Iced blueberry hibiscus tea (ajs)
Gluten :) Anything tropical I’m not big on sports ;) Pumpkin spice/ lavender/ eucalyptus and mint Target, Amazon, Michaels, hobby lobby, bath and body works, Disney! A coffee and bakery treat! New clothes/shoes A day in Disneyland with lots of shopping, food, and rides!
Astrobright paper
Seat pockets
Flex seating cushions for floor
Gift cards to lakeshore/Michaels/amazon/ and teachers pay
Carrie Katai 11/19 Violet Gummy bears, Starburst, Swedish Fish Skinny Pop Popcorn, pretzel sticks, Benihana, Flower Child Chipotle Boba Pearl Milk Tea (Share Tea)
Iced Chai latte w sweet cream foam (Starbucks)
N/A Rose Iowa Hawkeyes Vanilla Amazon, Target, Bath and Body Works Tea or coffee Clothes, dinner, makeup Exploring somewhere new with my family Books, books, books!
Elaine Young 4/6 Purple Anything milk chocolate, black forest gummy bears Naked popcorn, salt&vinegar chips, oreos, funyuns, animal crackers 3 Regions, Spinato's Pizza, Oregano's, AJ's Sushi The Habit, In N Out Burger, MOD Pizza, Freddy's, Chick Fil A Starbuck's Mango DragonFruit Refresher, AJ's Strawberry Lemonade and Diet Coke. Starbuck's Frappuccino Chocolate Cookie Crumble, Mocha Toffee Nut or Mocha Cookie Crumble Starbuck's Iced Chocolate Shaken Espresso with whole milk. Starbuck's Iced Caffe Mocha with chocolate Malt powder I don't like pretzels Any kind I don't really have one Anything light and clean not to flowery Amazon, Marshall's, Target Cute fun pens or anything Hello Kitty I love shopping on Amazon Curled up in my bed or my sofa watching a movie and eating snacks.....
STEM building stuff like Picasso building tiles, Lego building blocks, Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards to buy STEM building items.
Gina Papetti 7/30 Green Mike and Ikes, Reeses Cookies or fruit Anything Indian, Chipotle, Persian Room Taco Bell Iced Tea from AJs (love the ice! :) I really only dislike raisins. Daisies Arizona Cardinals Grapefruit Amazon, Lush or Paper Source at Scottsdale Quarter Flowers and candy Cute shoes Going to tea
Printer, 3-hole punch, new clipboards and 1" binders, Teachers Pay Teachers credits
Jamie hixon 6/13 Purple None Hummus and carrots, pretzels, rice cakes Anything Mexican Chipotle Nonfat iced latte with one pump white mocha form Starbucks, unsweetened iced tea None Gerber daisy 49ers! Anything citrus Bath and body works, Marshall’s, target A new phone cord or case Some new workout shoes or a new comfy coat The beach or any TV I got on the water N/a
Jana Groh 12/27 Pink M&M Peanut, Baby Ruth, Swedish Fish, Chocolate Salt & Vinegar Chips, Pretzels, Oyster Crackers, Joy Ride, Cheesecake Factory, Oregano's, Mexican/Italian-- surprise me! McDonald's, Salad & Go, Chipotle, In & Out, Cafe Rio, Dt Coke, Decaf Coffee with Cream hot or cold (AJ's, Dunkin, Dutch Bro) Green Tea, Peach tea Allergic to: walnuts, pineapple Wild flowers Football- Vikings and Cardinals Hockey- Coyotes B&B: Beautiful Day, Pretty as a Peach, Pineapple Mango, Frosted Cranberry DSW, Macy's, Dillard's, Target, Amazon Candles or scented soap Shoes Mani/pedi, lunch, and shopping
Books, printer cartridge #63, Lakeshore gift card, Amazon gift card
Jennifer Wiram 7/8 Green Sour candies Chocolate covered raisins Flower Child, True Foods, Saddle Creek Cafe In and Out Anything caffeinated is great! Coffee with cream, sugar; tea without either. n/a Anything that is hard to kill...! n/a anything, especially natural oils a tasty take-out meal books for my students. Nice food and sleep :-)

Engaging fiction or nonfiction books appropriate for 2nd grade readers (or coupons to buy them from Half Price Books, Goodwill, Amazon, etc) is absolutely the best gift!
Jessica Cresswell 10/31 Yellow Dark chocolate recess, York peppermint patties Kettle corn, trail mix, chocolate covered pretzels Mora Italian, The Americano, Lou Malnati’s Pizza Portillos, Chipotle, Jersey Mike’s Boba Tea, Starbucks iced mocha or salted caramel hot chocolate, fruity or sweet iced tea Kiwi Sunflower Arizona Wildcats or any Chicago Team Any nature scent Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, DSW A cute outfit or book for Asher New clothes for work, a meal at a fancy restaurant Playing with Asher, cooking, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, watching all of my shows
Prizes for Ticket Raffle
Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
New filter for my air purifier
Barnes and Noble gift cards to buy “Who Would Win” books and other newer series
Purple flair pens
Jessie Dizdarevic 4/26 Bright Blue and Purple Chocolate Fruit and trail mixes El Encanto, Bryan's BBQ Chick Fil A, Rubios
Unsweetened Iced Tea and cold brew coffee (with cream and sugar/syrup) from anywhere
anything potted :)
  Clean scents Target, Amazon something fun for my home at Target most likely Most likely a new pair of Birkenstocks or a fun Lego set for me to build. Relaxing at home, making something crafty with a coffee in hand and netflix on the tv
Board Games, small lego sets the kids can work together to follow directions and build.
Julie Dine 4/22 Teal I like roasted almonds with sea salt roasted almonds Ari Sushi Rubios or Chick-fil-A Unsweetened iced tea or green tea from A.J's I'm not a big fan of sugar I prefer potted plants like Pothos Football- Cardinals, Chiefs Paloma Piccasso Amazon, Bath and Body, Glad Nail Salon Wallflowers from Bath and Body Clothes at Costco Relaxing with my family, reading, drinking Nespresso!
Gently used Barbie dolls, plastic play horses, gently used dress up clothes.
Karen Bird 2/10 Green Twix and Jr. Mints Macadamia Nuts Jalapenos/Flower Child Chipotle, Saddlecreek
Hot or Iced Latte with Coconut Milk from anywhere. Any La Croix type drinks
  anything unscented Dbacks nothing too strong, Pumpkin spice in the fall! Target, Amazon, Mason Jar, Glad Nails, Nekter a good book a water table for our class! spending time with family
water table, softsoap, paper towels, a light table.
Karen Zoerb 10/24 blue Reese's, junior mints, dark chocolate acai berries Pop corners, White cheddar Pirate Booty El Encanto, Jalapenos Chick-fi-a Diet Coke, hot peppermint mocha breve half sweet none sunflowers Cardinals/Green Bay Packers/Suns Lavendar Home Goods/Marshalls A toy for my puppies! Something from Marshalls :) Spending time at the park with the puppies, doing something fun with my family
Books for the kids to read (classroom library books)
Kathryn Letter 6/5 Pink Gummy Bears and M&M Popcorn, pita chips , kind bars Flower Child, Babbo Rubios, Chipotle, Barros , Panda coconut pineapple green tea from AJs, coffee with milk, unsweetened iced tea NA They are all pretty Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots any Target, Mason Jar, Flaire, Amazon, marshalls something at Target Clothes/Shoes Shopping and spending time with my family NA
Kathy Schutza 1/5 pink and green Chocolate covered almonds - these are good for you, right? hummus and veggies, corn nuts, gluten free items Carlos O Brians, I'm not picky...l like all food:) Rubios, Chiplote, Chick fil a Starbucks - chai latte with oat milk, no water / peppermint mocha gluten free all the pretty ones none really lavender Target, Kohls colorful markers, coffee, colorful expos a massage, facial, pedicure relaxing with no chores at home, movie night with my family, out to dinner, reading a book on the beach
individual white boards for student use, expos, glue sticks, more time in the day
Kim Gerhardt 11/25 Green Reeses PB cups Chips Any Chick-fil-a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks     Ohio State Buckeyes Sunshine & Lemons (Bath & Body Works) Any More coffee      
Kristi Frederiksen 5/18 Black / Primary colors Red Licorice Trail Mix / White Cheddar Popcorn Breakfast Kitchen Bar (BKB) Any Mexican Restaurant Rubios / Chipotle Skinny Vanilla Latte hot or cold / Diet Coke None Sunflower Football / Green Bay Packers Spring- Summer- Fruity Fall- Winter- Cinnamon, vanilla Amazon, Pretty Please, The Mason Jar, Old Navy, American Eagle, Bath and Body, New Nails A lottery ticket Bath and Body Candles kids, laughter, time for the gym
Construction Paper- blue, green, black, red, purple / Fine line black markers (for outlining), Clickable markers,
Kristi Skoniecke 11/28 Pink and Black Toffifay, 100 Grand, Swedish fish Cheese Its, Lays Stax Texan Roadhouse Taco Bell Iced Chai Tea Latte or Peach Iced Tea nope All of them Chicago Cubs citrus Target, Amazon, TJ Maxx Sticker and candy Speech Materials from SuperDuper Publications or Games Shopping and Eating out New Games
Leighanne Harrison 7/10 pale yellow, blue and soft pink caramel m&m's, tootsie rolls Gluten Free cookies or chips Picazzo's or El Encanto Coconuts or In&Out Starbucks (Caramel Macchiato with almond milk 50% sweet), Shared Tea (Thai Milk tea or Coffee milk tea extra ice 30% sweet), McDonald's (unsweetened iced tea with a lemon) or AJ's passion iced tea. I am allergic to a lot of foods. (tomato, avocado, strawberries, bananas, wheat, green goes on) I am gluten free daisy Don't really have one Citrus or vanilla but I am allergic to most scents I can't use anything from Bath and Body works due to allergies Marshall's, Ann Taylor Loft, TJ Maxx, Amazon a book and a tea or coffee clothes, a date night (tickets to a local event), extra yoga classes sitting by a pool reading a book, going to yoga and going shopping. Ending with a nice dinner out.
stickers, games (for centers), Teachers Pay Teachers Gift card, paint and construction paper
Leniese Gatto 10/8 Orange Dark chocolate & Reese peanut butter cups Kettle one potato chips Sicilian Butcher Chipotle Large iced vanilla sweet cream cold brew (Starbucks) Cantaloupe & white chocolate Roses NY YANKEES & Vikings Jadore by Christian Dior Amazon & Vans Coffee Spa or salon treatment Being with my family and friends & eating food food!
Art supplies, drawing paper, acrylic paints. And black sharpie markers.
Lina Yan 10/23 blue, green mentos chips, fruits Flower child, sizzle korean bbq In & out, chick fil a ice tea, black ice coffee, milk tea /starbucks, Sharetea N.A. Sunflower, Peony phoenix suns orange blossom Target, TJ max, Amazon tea or milk tea something on amazon flower, tea/coffee,
panda pop out stickers, water bottle panda stickers, all different kind stickers, pencil
Linda Wilson 10/26 Blue Take 5 or Twix Trail Mix, dried apples, or any dried fruit LongHorn Steak House or Carlos O'Breins Chipotle Chai Tea, Regular Tea, Diet Pepsi, or Diet Dr. Pepper I don't like coffee, onions, or seafood Hydrangea, sunflowers, or carnations Phoenix Suns and Cardinals Vanilla Cost Co, Target, and Amazon Pens, Fun Post-It Notes, or scented hand soap Holiday decorations, kitchen items, or shoes Popcorn and a movie at Harkins, massage, going out to dinner with my kids, and playing games while eating dessert
Reading Phones, Handwriting Without Tears Chalkboards, and Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards for fun academic activities
Lindsey Lombardi 12/12 Green M&Ms Apples Salty Senorita Panda Express Kiwi Strawberry Vitamin Water Dairy, egg, nuts, gluten, pitted fruit Daisy Basketball/ Golden State Warriors Lemon Khol's A variety pack of expo markers equipment A morning hike, lunch on the lake, cards in the afternoon, and home cooked meal with family.
soccer balls, badminton rackets and badminton birdies.
Maria Steier 12/16 Teal Reeses Peanut butter cups Chocolate chip cookies BJ's Culvers Tea from AJ's none Daisey Cardinals Cherry Blossum Target, Kohls Home decor Clothes Lunch out with my husband Purell
Michael Colores 11/24 Black Popcorn Beef Jerky Texas Roadhouse Chipotle Black coffee or Tea   None but I do enjoy house plants Any Arizona Team n/a Amazon/Target     Going to the Movies  
Michelle Hoffmann 01/18 Red Chocolate Macro bars or trail mix Any place I don't have to cook! Firehouse, Chick Fil A, In and Out, Raising Canes Diet Dr Pepper, or sparkling water. Chai Tea None Any Coyotes, Dbacks, Twins Fresh and clean Ann Taylor, Dillard's, Marshalls, Target Lunch Lunch for my coworkers Hanging out by the water with no responsibilities Expo markers and erasers
Mim Blackert 10/11 Pink Take 5, dark chocolate, dark chocolate salted caramel Cheese and crackers Fox Concepts, The Creek, Hulas, Grimaldis Chipotle, Salads and Go, Chick-Fil-A Unsweetened green iced tea with light lemonade AJ’s, Starbucks N/A Tulips, iris, daffodils, sunflowers Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Coyotes Anything fruity and Clean linen Sephora, JJill, Target, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn Manicure Clothes and shoes A day at the spa
Amazon gift card or Teachers Pay Teachers gift card
Nan Oakley 1/12 Blue, Black Reese's Cups, Gummi Bears, Milk Chocolate Popcorn, Nuts   Rubios, Chipotle, Salad & Go Iced Tea (any flavor), Vanilla Latte None Any Baseball Citrus Scents Target, Amazon       Prizes for Silver Spur Drawings
Nancy Engelsen 8/20 Blue Reese's Ruffles or Chocolate Chip Cookies Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks   Daisy     Amazon Starbucks Books Beach
Sensory items. wiggles seats, lap mats, chewy necklaces, stretch bands for chair
Rachel Brashears 6/17 Purple/Blue Dark Chocolate Fruits Oso Chipotle Coffee, black, anywhere Allergies: eggplant Sunflowers Burro racing! Citrus Tractor supply, Etsy (love small artists), REI Neon expo markers and gel pens The kids want a new class pet, so honestly? Probably some new tank set up for that. Or if its just me? Trail running shoes. 70 degree weather, mountains/trails, and donkeys - let's hike/trail run!
2 wireless keyboard/mouse combos for the TV computers for students to use, Breakout EDU subscription, TPT funds
Randee Huffer 4/26 blue werthers pretzels tailgaters mcdonalds pepsi zero   rose chicago cubs cinnimon kohls pepsi zero nail salon watching cubs  
Sandy Bagley 7/21 I don't really have one, but I do not like pink or yellow. I eat VERY little candy and my husband cannot eat sweets. Once in a while I like Peanut MnMs, Snickers, or Tootsie Pops. Lays potato chips (plain, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion), Planters Cheese Balls, Cheetos (NEVER HOT), and Jalapeno chips Grub Hub is my favorite "restaurant" this year! Lol. In and Out Ice water is my favorite! Seriously. I like coffee in the AM. I take it black with about a tablespoon of sugar and cream. Please no mugs, house decor, or bathroom items (lotions, candles, etc.) gerbera daisies, tulips, roses This year it was the Suns, but I don't really care about sports. I went to NAU if that helps? fresh cut grass Target, Fry's Grocery, Sage Brush (in Flagstaff) food clothes, pedicure, massage, dinner out with my husband quiet, my husband, good food, good movie/book/music, and peace
We could really use some playground balls- basketball, soccer ball, football.
Sarah Fairfield 6/19 Red Dove Milk Chocolate kind bars Flower Child Rubios Diet Coke none don't like flowers Cardinals Football any Marshalls/Athleta Berry Hibiscus refresher from starbucks Leggings from Athleta gym, yogo, out to dinner n/a
Sharon Hagerty 3/3 Blue or purple Gummie bears Popcorn Flower Child Chipotle Matcha Frappe from Starbucks or vanilla latte   Any. I love flowers Chicago Bears Vanilla Target Starbucks Something from Teachers Pay Teachers or something from my Amazon wish list. Going to a new coffee shop
TPT activities, chair bands for wiggly feet, quiet fidget manipulatives, wiggle seat, Toys for prize box
Shawna Schantz 10/21 turquoise Milk Duds, licorice popcorn, hummus/pretzel, pumpkin muffins Chipotle, Barrio Queen, Local Johnnys In & Out
coffee (iced and hot) - lots of cream, 2 Stevia packets. sparkling water
  rose none vanilla, fall, fresh linen My Sister's Closet, Target, any Nail place, Amazon, colored pens, sharpies, gum, eyeshadow (lol), lip gloss more camping theme stuff, perfume. being pampered, sleeping in, riding my mountain bike white board erasers, magnets
Stefanie Liberatore 12/4 Red Hershey’s chocolate White cheddar popcorn Isabella’s Kitchen/ Oreganos Jimmy Johns AJs passion tea with a splash of lemonade I am gluten free Sunflower Phoenix Suns Lavender Athleta/ Target/ Amazon Orbit White Peppermint Gum Something from Athleta Sleeping in, lunch and movie with my family, Zumba class
Dice, fancy pens, electric pencil sharpener
Stephanie Holder 8/8 Pink Reese Big Cup or Haribo Gummy Bears Baked Lays Cheesecake Factory, Blu Burger, Culinary Dropout Chick Fil A Diet Coke, either CFA or Circle K, I do not drink tea or coffee I do not like coconut or fruity chocolates peonies or roses Cardinals coconut, lilac or this bath and bodyworks scent- mahogany teackwood Target, Nordstrom, Ulta snacks beauty products- makeup or moisturizer, etc sprinkles cupcakes, shopping and a good lunch
I always need markers, prizes and pencils/erasers, drawing paper for free time
susan preece 12/5 blue milk duds, tootsie pops aloha protein bars, veggies, pita, hummus Ravens View, Yard house in & out, taco bell Sugar free vanilla latte, coconut milk no whip-starbucks None alstroemeria Football Cards/BB suns vanilla, cinnamon, clean scents Daisy Blue, Pretty Please-Summit Movie ticket Spa day Being around my kiddos at HTES Long handled ice cream
Suzanne Allen 10/7 pink or blue or red Milky Way Fruit, popcorn, or pretzels Tru Burger Panera Black Iced Tea w/ lemon OR Arnold Palmer - from Dutch or In-n-out or Chick-fil-A Cilantro Daisies Cardinals/Cowboys Vanilla (for lotion - I can't wear perfume) Target Air dry clay, glue sticks, craft sticks Legos Yoga, reading, walking the dogs, a movie with the family
Air-dry clay, craft sticks, glue sticks, glue dots
Tina Hirsch 1/4 Red White chocolate Chex Mix Cheesecake Factory Chipolte Lemonade Chocolate Rose Nebraska Huskers Vanilla Amazon Book Shoes With family Baskets
Trish Doran 2/5 purple Milk Duds Pretzels, mixed nuts, popcorn Flower Child Chipotle Water or lemonade none Any flower is good Cardinals fig or verbena Amazon, Changing Hands Bookstore, A book Books for the classroom or an experience (virtual field trip) Great hike, tasty lunch, with friends or family Pencil Sharpener, book shelves
Zac Washburn 9/12 Blue Reese's, Hi-Chew jerky, mixed nuts, Parm crisps Any Steakhouse Chipotle, Panda Kombucha, Coffee (extra cream and no sugar, preferably iced or cold brew), green tea (iced, unsweetened) dislike nuts/coconut in baked goods daffodil N/A Aqua di Gio, lavender Bookmans, Ross, Bed Bath and Beyond card game, LMNT electrolyte powder Massage, Low Carb Protein Powder Nap, massage, yoga, broadway musical

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