By Laws

Article I: Name
The Name of this organization shall be Horseshoe Trails Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, also known as HTES PTO.

Article II: Purpose and Objectives
Section 1. This organization is exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501?3 of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future tax code.

Upon dissolution of this organization, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the organization, the remaining assets shall be distributed to one or more nonprofit funds, foundations or organizations, which have established heir tax exempt statue under Section 501?3 of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future tax code.

Section 2. The objectives of the HTES PTO are:

  • To bring into closer relationship the school and home, that parents and teachers may cooperate and participate in the education of students.
  • To unite parents, teachers and the entire school community to work together to promote an enriched learning environment.
  • To organize fundraising activities for school equipment and materials for programs which fall outside the school?s budget.
  • To provide the volunteer support necessary to assist with programs in our students? school day.

Article III: Basic Policies
The following are the basic policies of the HTES PTO:

  • This organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian, non-partisan.
  • This organization is a site-based committee and shall review all activities with the school steering committee.
  • This organization shall seek neither to direct the administrative activities of the school nor to control its policies.

Article IV: Membership and Dues

  • Section 1. The membership of HTES PTO may consist of families, guardians, students, staff and community members interested in the welfare of students of HTES.
  • Section 2. The HTES PTO shall conduct an annual enrollment of members but a person may be admitted any time during the school year when full dues payment is received, if applicable.
  • Section 3. The membership shall subscribe to these bylaws and pay the annual dues, if applicable, to the organization. Each family membership allows one vote per family.
  • Section 4. The PTO Executive Committee Officers shall determine the annual membership fee no later than the month of July for the upcoming year.
  • Section 5. The membership year shall begin with the publicized first day of school and end of the day before the publicized first day of the next school year. However, if a registration is held prior to the publicized first day of school, this day may be considered the beginning of the membership year.

Article V: Election of Officers

  • Section 1. The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Teacher Liaison, a website manager, and a Member at Large. Co-officers may exist if interest in running as such is expressed, and both co-officers are voted in by the general assembly.
  • Section 2. The Executive Board will appoint a nominating committee composed of three (3) members no later than March. The committee shall elect among its members a chair. The nominating committee shall nominate an eligible person for each office to be filled and report its nominees at the General Meeting in April, at which time nomination may be made from the floor. Only those persons who signed their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for or elected to office.
  • Section 3. Officers shall be elected by general ballot at the General Meeting in April. However, if there is but one nominee for any office, elections for that office may be by voice vote. If there is but one nominee for all offices to be filled, the nominees may be voted in as slate, by voice or ballot.
  • Section 4. Officers shall begin their terms no later than July 1 and shall serve for a term of one year. No officer shall be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive years in the same office. If a vacancy should occur in an officer?s position during the school year, the remaining Executive Officers shall elect an alternate to complete the term of that position.

Article VI: Duties of Officers

  • Section 1. All officers shall carry out their duties according to these bylaws and shall work cooperatively with school administration, staff, parents and members of the community. All officers shall cause the annual report to be filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission in April of each year and shall cause any and all filing required by the Internal Revenue Service and the Arizona Department of Revenue. All officers shall participate in the appointment of all committee chairs.
  • Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings; shall coordinate the work of the organization, its officers and its committees; shall be a member ex officio of all committees except the nominating committee; shall serve as the chief executive officer of the organization.
  • Section 3. The Vice President shall act as an assistant to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of that officer until the office is filled and oversees committees, as needed. The Vice President is not required to continue as President in the following school year.
  • Section 4. The Secretary shall record and keep records of the minutes of all meetings of the organization and executive board; shall keep a current copy of the bylaws; maintain a current copy of committees, their purposes, chairs and members; shall maintain a current membership list with copies to the President, President-Elect and conduct all correspondence of the organization.
  • Section 5. The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the organization; shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; shall make disbursements in accordance with the budget authorized by the organization; shall have checks or vouchers signed by the treasurer or one other officer; shall present a written financial statement at every meeting of the general membership and have same information available upon request of the executive board; shall close the books by June 30, making June a transition month for the newly elected treasurer, and have the accounts reviewed by an auditor or an auditing committee of not less than three (3) persons, who satisfied that the treasurer?s report is correct, shall sign a statement of that fact at the end of the report. The executive board shall select an auditor or auditing committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the new officers assuming their duties.
  • Section 6. The Teacher Liaison shall be in contact with the volunteers and coordinate the room parents, teachers and all committees.
  • Section 7. The Kindergarten Liaison shall serve in this introductory position the second (2nd) semester of the year. Invitations to join the Executive Board will be sent out from a list of current Kindergarten parents. After the introductory term, the Kindergarten Liaison would be eligible to serve on the PTO Executive Board as outlined in Article V.
  • Section 8. The website manager shall update and keep current all relevant website content on, including but no limited to, most recent budget/actuals, event date and information, and any important PTO messages that coincide with email blast communications regarding current and upcoming PTO activity.

Article IX: Committees

  • Section 1. Only the members of this organization shall be eligible to serve in any elective or appointive positions.
  • Section 2. The Executive Board may create such standing committees as it may deem necessary to carry out the work of the organization. The term of each chairperson shall be one (1) year or until the selection of a new successor. In all standing committees, every effort should be made to have an assistant chairperson who shall fill the chair the upcoming year.
  • Section 3. The chairperson of each committee shall present a plan of work to the Executive Board for approval. No committee work shall be undertaken without consent of the Executive Board.
  • Section 4. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee. All other officers may be members ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee.

Article VII: Executive Board

  • Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the organization, the Principal of the school or a representative appointed by him/her.
  • Section 2. The duties of the Executive Board shall be to transact necessary business in the intervals between general membership meetings and such other business as may be referred to it by the organization; to approve plans of work of standing committees; to present a report at general membership meetings; to present for approval an annual budget in May for the upcoming year.

Article X: Finances

  • Section 1. At the end of each fiscal year, a minimum of $2,500.00 must be carried over to the next fiscal year as start up cash for operating expenses incurred by the upcoming PTO board.
  • Section 2. Any disbursements outside the approved budget up to $250.00 can be allocated by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Any such disbursements must be reported at the next general session so as to be recorded in the minutes.
  • Section 3. Teachers, staff, or students requesting financial assistance from HTES PTO must submit their request in writing to the Executive Board for consideration prior to the date of need to allow for board or general membership action.

Article VIII: Meeting

  • Section 1. Regular meetings of the Executive Board will be held each month as determined by the incoming board at its first meeting of the year. All PTO officers are expected to attend. Committee chairpersons are to be present if directed to do so by officers.
  • Section 2. The General Meeting shall be held once each month as determined by the Executive Board each year. By a majority vote of the Executive Board, a general meeting can be cancelled with a one (1) time notification to parents, staff and students.

Article XI: Insurance

  • Section 1. The PTO is responsible for maintaining Liability Insurance per requirement of the Cave Creek Unified School District. Coverage for Directors and Officers is to be included.

Article XII: Amendments

  • Section 1. These bylaws may be amended at any general meeting of the PTO by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting. Proposed amendments shall be communicated to each member at least seven (7) days prior to the general meeting.
  • Section 2. The bylaws of this organization shall be reviewed, at a minimum, every three (3) years. Any changes in these bylaws must be provided to the Arizona Corporation Commission and any other official agency required such notice. The foregoing was unanimously adopted as the Bylaws of Horseshoe Trails Elementary School PTO, a corporation non for profit under the laws of the State of Arizona at the general assembly meeting held on the 13th day of March 2019.

Certification of Approval:
Amy Dougherty – HTES PTO President
Aaron Pettinato, M. Ed. Date – HTES Interim Principal


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