First and Last Name Alisa Gould

Birthdate (M/D) 09/03


What is your favorite:

Color:  Blue


Candy: Carmel/ Reese’s PB Cups, Gummy bears, Peach Rings,


Snack:    Popcorn, Seasoned Pretzles


Flower:   Sunflowers, Tulips, 


Sport: Hiking, College Football


Fast Food: Salad to Go, Mc Donalds French Fry’s!, Starbucks, Dutch


Restaurant: Tryst, Barros


Beverage: Iced Peach Tea, Green Tea,


How do you take your coffee/tea and from where? Starbucks caramel latte with almond milk hot or iced


Have any food allergies or dislikes? None


What are your hobbies/interests?  I like hiking and being outdoors.  I like to read, watch movies, and shop.


Where are your favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, essentials and for pampering):

Marshalls, TJ Max, Hobby Lobby, Target


Favorite music? Artists? Authors? Country, Morgan Wallen, Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean


“If I had a spare $10, I would by…..food or drink


“If I had a spare $100, I would buy…..  A Pedicure and lunch  


“My idea of a perfect day includes…”  Quiet walks next to the water or in Pine Trees


For Teachers:


What do you find you always need more of in your classroom?  Expo Markers, Prizes for the prize box, Stickers, Games


Link to Amazon Wish list:



What’s your favorite thing to share with your students?  Books!  I love to find a book that captures my students interest.


Name: Haley Bierk
Name: Nancy Engelsen
Name: Alisa Gould
Name: Stephanie Holder
Name: Gina Papetti

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