Name Birthday Favorite Color Favorite Candy Favorite Snack Favorite Restaurant Favorite Fast Food Favorite Beverage and how do you take your tea/coffee and from where? Please list any allergies/dislikes Favorite Flower Favorite Sport/ Team Favorite Scent Favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, pampering) If I had a spare $10 I would buy.... If I had a spare $100 I would buy... My Idea of a perfect day includes... Classroom Wish List
Michelle Hoffmann 01/18 Red Chocolate Macro bars or trail mix Any place I don't have to cook! Firehouse, Chick Fil A, In and Out, Raising Canes Diet Dr Pepper, or sparkling water. Chai Tea None Any Coyotes, Dbacks, Twins Fresh and clean Ann Taylor, Dillard's, Marshalls, Target Lunch Lunch for my coworkers Hanging out by the water with no responsibilities Expo markers and erasers
Name: Suzanne Allen
Name: Shawna Schantz
Name: Sandy Bagley
Name: Haley Bierk
Name: Karen Bird
Name: Kim Blackert
Name: Rachel Brashears
Name: Meaghan Brewster
Name: Michael Colores
Name: Jessica Cresswell
Name: Julie Dine
Name: Jessie Dizdarevic
Name: Nancy Engelsen
Name: Kristi Frederiksen
Name: David Gantz
Name: Leniese Gatto
Name: Alisa Gould
Name: Jana Groh
Name: Leighanne Harrison
Name: Jamie Hixon
Name: Stephanie Holder
Name: Carrie Katai
Name: Lindsey Lombardi
Name: Gina Papetti
Name: Briana Rosser
Name: Kristen Rotenberg
Name: Kathy Schutza
Name: Kristi Skoniecke
Name: Linda Wilson
Name: Elaine Young
Name: Karen Zoerb

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