Teacher’s Favorites 2022-2023






Please tell us a little about YOUR favorite things!

Note from teacher: Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about me and some of my favorite things! I always appreciate how much the parents go above and beyond to make us feel loved, special, and seen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to show that to me. I am looking forward to a great year!


First and Last Name: Briana Rosser


Monogram (Briana Angelica Rosser- BAR/BRA) 


Birthdate (M/D) May 8th


What is your favorite:

Color :Blush pink, lavender, rose gold, GLITTER!


Candy: chocolate (ghirardelli, lindor truffles), peanut butter chocolate anything


Snack :popcorn, crackers with cheese, veggies and dip, fruit, chips, pretzels


Flower :Anything tropical!


Sport/Team I am not a huge sports fan, but I will root for anyone AZ related (suns, diamondbacks, cardinals, etc…)


Fast Food :In N Out, Starbucks, Chipotle, Cafe Rio, Rubios, Salad and Go, Panera, Mod Pizza


Restaurant :Valle Luna, Islands, Cheesecake factory, Hulas, Roys, Dominicks, Flemings, First Watch, Culinary DropOut, Zin Burger


Scent/Fragrance : Pumpkin Spice, lavender, Eucalyptus and tea tree, mint, cinnamon


Beverage : Iced coffee, Diet coke, fruity lemonade, iced tea


How do you take your coffee/tea and from where? Coffee: I usually go to Starbucks and get an iced coffee with cream and toffee nut. I will drink any coffee, though, it just has to have some sort of creaminess and sweetness to it!.

Tea: I love the iced blueberry hibiscus tea from AJ’s!


Have any food allergies or dislikes? Gluten


What are your hobbies/interests? :Arts and crafts, laying by the pool, spending time with family, vacationing, shopping, swimming, Spa days, getting mani/pedis, shopping, staying at hotels 


Where are your favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, essentials and for pampering): 

Etsy, Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby (any craft store), DSW, Nordstrom, Zara


Favorite music? Artists? Authors? :I usually listen to country music or christian contemporary, I mostly love to read kids books to my class and don’t have any particular favorite author!


“If I had a spare $10, I would buy…” : Teacher earrings/shirt/lanyard, anything from the dollar section at target, a coffee ;)


“If I had a spare $100, I would buy…” Get my nails done/eyebrows done/eyelashes done/buy some new clothes/spa (pampering essentially)


“My idea of a perfect day includes…”  Waking up without an alarm on the beach, workout,  Starbucks coffee, going to have a day to myself for pampering, go out to lunch/dinner, spend time by the pool,  stay the night at a hotel. 


For Teachers:


What do you find you always need more of in your classroom?  sharpened pencils, markers, crayons, colored paper, binder clips, paper clips


Link to Amazon Wishlist for classroom: 



What’s your favorite thing to share with your students? A love for reading, learning! ( I also love singing songs with them about various things to help them remember what they are learning)

Name: Suzanne Allen
Grade: 6th Grade
Name: Shawna Schantz
Grade: 2nd Grade
Name: Sandy Bagley
Grade: 4th Grade
Name: Karen Bird
Grade: Preschool
Name: Kim Blackert
Grade: 3rd Grade
Name: Rachel Brashears
Grade: 5th Grade
Name: Michael Colores
Grade: 6th Grade
Name: Jessica Cresswell
Grade: 4th Grade
Name: Julie Dine
Grade: Kindergarten
Name: Jessie Dizdarevic
Grade: Kindergarten
Name: Kristi Frederiksen
Grade: 2nd Grade
Name: Jana Groh
Grade: 1st Grade
Name: Leighanne Harrison
Grade: 2nd Grade
Name: Carrie Katai
Grade: 5th Grade
Name: Briana Rosser
Grade: 1st Grade
Name: Kristen Rotenberg
Grade: 6th Grade
Name: Kathy Schutza
Grade: 5th Grade
Name: Linda Wilson
Grade: 3rd Grade
Name: Karen Zoerb
Grade: 3rd Grade

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