Name Birthday Favorite Color Favorite Candy Favorite Snack Favorite Restaurant Favorite Fast Food Favorite Beverage and how do you take your tea/coffee and from where? Please list any allergies/dislikes Favorite Flower Favorite Sport/ Team Favorite Scent Favorite places to shop? (books, apparel, pampering) If I had a spare $10 I would buy.... If I had a spare $100 I would buy... My Idea of a perfect day includes... Classroom Wish List
Nan Oakley 1/12 Blue, Black Reese's Cups, Gummi Bears, Milk Chocolate Popcorn, Nuts   Rubios, Chipotle, Salad & Go Iced Tea (any flavor), Vanilla Latte None Any Baseball Citrus Scents Target, Amazon       Prizes for Silver Spur Drawings
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